CC1101 transceiver from pollin and connections







hi forum,
actually intend to set up the same configuration: CC1101 Bananapi and bananian (15.04 wheezy or 15.08 jessie) for use with homegear. But I am stuck with gpio command which is not available on my bananapi. Obviously this has to be installed - but how? modprobe gpio or do I have to install RPi.GPIO for bananapi including python ? (I tried both but it didnt help) I cannot gpio export 18 out answers: command not found.
working step by step, I didnt connect the module nor did I install homegear yet. gpio has to be functional first - right?
any ideas what is wrong here or what I could try?
rgds starfish

edit Sep 16, 2015: nevermind found the secret: WiringBPi had to be installed